Updates and improvements, with love from the team at Kosmik. But first, have a look at our roadmap.

Kosmik today

Infinite canvas
Multimedia support
Pin mode and extract
iPad annotations
Live copy (transclusion)
Offline mode
Native iPad and Mac app
Web app

Kosmik in the future

Address book
Subscribe to universes

Kosmik 2.0

Web clipper
Audio file support
Video chat
Block level transclusion

Kosmik 1.7: web sign up, tutorials, and bye to the waitlist

This is a very exciting release for us, as we are finally opening the app to everyone. We are saying goodbye to the waitlist AND we are allowing sign up on the web. Finally everyone will be able to use Kosmik, whenever and wherever they want! 🚀 Time to share Kosmik with friends! In related news, we updated our website with use cases and a tutorials page.

Web app sign up and the end of the waitlist 🥳 

 As I mentioned above, now you can create an account on the Mac/iPad app (download here) and on the web app ( without having to go through a waitlist.

To do so, you will need to input your email, where you’ll get a signup code, then choose a username and password. For the password, we give you two options: share an encrypted version of it with Kosmik (we still don’t know your password, don’t worry), which will allow you to reset it; or keep it to yourself, in which case you won’t be able to reset it, so please don’t lose it!

Extract enhancements 💄

One of the best things about Kosmik is that you can browse the web and extract content (text, images) right on the canvas. So we decided the feature needed some enhancements: you can now resize an extracted item without showing any content that was outside the extracted part, and keeping the proportions.

As a reminder: to use the extract function, pin a website or a PDF to the side (select and click on the pin button on the right side of the canvas), then select what you want to extract and click "Extract". On PDFs there’s also a button on the top left to select and extract a zone. On the web, you can drag the images right into the canvas.

New website with tutorials and use cases 🧑‍💻

We changed the design of our website, but not only that! A few of you have been asking us for a tutorial of the app, a roadmap, and use cases. So we created a Get Started page where we explain how to use Kosmik, and our most important features and shortcuts, a Changelog page for roadmap and product updates, and we are adding pages for different use cases, which we will keep updating.

Small but sweet improvements 🐞

  • The design of connectors’ handles was slightly modified in order to ease drawing one or several links between items.
  • Universes sections were renamed: “Shared” is were you will find your published universes, “Private” is were you will find your private universes.
  • Quick item creation using keyboard letters (T for Text, S for sticky, C for card, etc.): items are now created at the cursor location on the mac app.
  • Network and service status indicator were added to log in and sign up flows in order to give you a visual feedback when services are not connected properly.
  • A new progress bar has been added to the sync panel to know what has been synced and what is still unsaved.

Bug fixes ⚡️

  • The default "title" of web stickers in placeholder state was fixed, from "Double click to add a title" to "Type URL”.
  • A bug preventing you to focus on revoked items (to localize them) was fixed (observed on iPad only).
  • A bug related to text edition in Pin Mode was fixed. Now, when clicking on a formatting option, it is properly applied to the text being typed.
  • A bug preventing to save text when editing in Pin Mode was fixed.
  • Cosmetics: connectors pixelated when zoomed are now displayed neatly.
  • Connectors’ pointers were sometimes in the wrong direction when reloading a universe, this issue is now fixed.
  • When selecting several items, wrong docks were displayed, this is now fixed.
  • Moving a multi selection was changing the distance between items. This is fixed in this version, distance between items is now properly maintained when moving a selection.

Kosmik 1.6: web app and publish mode!

Kosmik 1.6 is here, full of amazing new features and, most importantly, the public release of our web app! Keep reading to see what’s new.

Release of the web app 🥳

For all you Windows, Linux or ChromeOS users. We chose the iPad as the first platform to build Kosmik, because that’s where a spatial interface really comes alive. Since then we’ve added a Mac app and now a web application to finally make Kosmik available to anyone that uses a computer.

To access it, go to For now, you need a Kosmik account to use it, but we will to open it to everyone soon!

Huge props to our PWA team (Ben, Quentin, Nico and Naoufel), who have been working on this for many months! Very happy we can finally spotlight all their hard work 💜

Publish your content 📚

Now that the web app is available, you can publish your universes and share a link your your friends, colleagues, family or clients. Anyone will be able to access it on the web, and if they are Kosmik users, they can even access it on their mac or iPad apps.

When you publish a universe, Kosmik will create an unencrypted branch of your universe so that anyone can see it. You can then keep working on your private branch without it affecting the public version. And when you’re ready, you can merge both branches so that everyone gets the newest version.

To do this, you first have to publish your universe by clicking on its name, and then on publish. Then, use the “antenna” icon to manage the published universe: from there you can copy the public link, view the public branch, update it, and unpublish it.

Why do we love this feature? You can now use Kosmik as a true publisher. A place where you can create and then share your work, and update it when needed.

This is just the beginning. In future versions, we want to let you “live copy” content between universes, publish re-used content, and even subscribe to other people’s universes.

Shortcuts to create items ⌨️

Who doesn’t love shortcuts? We added a few new ones so that you can fly around your canvas! To create items, just press one key:

Another (new) handy shortcut: if you want to deselect an item, just press ESC. This is useful in case you want to zoom out of the whole canvas, or if you want to use one of the shortcuts above.

Enhanced connectors 🎨

We recently released the connectors, and we are very happy to give them a fresh new look and functionality in this version. Here’s what’s new:

  • Automatic display update: when items are moved on the canvas, the connectors automatically change to link the handles of the two nearest faces.
  • You can personalize their style, weight and color on the edit dock.
  • Dragging a connector to an empty spot in the canvas will automatically create a text item. Just like the shortcuts, we think this seemingly small improvement will help you create much faster, for example when building mind-maps.

Small improvements 🐞

  • Item creation enhancement: when a new item is created, it is now displayed in front of everything, and default size has been increased to improve readability.

Bug fixes ⚡️

  • Performance issue with dotted and dashed connectors.
  • Quickly switching between universes didn’t load them properly.
  • Couldn’t import files by drag and drop in the placeholder.
  • Formatting text in live-copied cards was making the other instances disappear.
  • When selecting text near the bottom of the pin panel, the extract button was not visible.
  • Creating a text sticker at a certain zoom level prevented it being saved.
  • Text stickers didn’t expand correctly, after writing the 2 last lines would always be hidden.
  • The app would freeze when a URL was dragged from a text sticker.
  • When importing several images from outside the app, on reload, the ones imported after the 2nd one wouldn’t have a colored skeleton when the canvas wasn’t zoomed.

Kosmik 1.5.5: connectors and title navigation

Kosmik connectors

Connectors in Kosmik offer a simple and fast way to structure information, build associations between items and ideas, and create a visual representation of your mind. To draw a link between Kosmik items, just select an item, use one of the four handles to drag a connector and drop it anywhere in another item. The two will be connected.

Set a title to all Kosmik items

  • Titles can now be added on every Kosmik item. Just selecting it and double click in the title zone, either on the canvas or in pin mode.

Web and PDF experience improvements

  • Enhanced user experience with web and PDF items.
  • You can now use the "title" of the web card to browse the web
  • Navigation arrows were added to quickly go back and forth in documents and web pages.

Bug fixes

  • Drag and dropping a URL in Kosmik canvas was not creating a web sticker.

Kosmik 1.5.4: pin and extract

We improved our pin mode, which you can use to navigate around the canvas while at the same time focusing on one item. We added a smoother extract function, so that you can now extract text and content from images, PDFs and websites much more easily and faster. Plus, our text notes are looking smarter than ever, with their new background colour.

New features

  • Easy text extract: An extract button was added to ease the text extract function from PDF and web pages in pin mode. Make a text selection, then use the extract button to automatically drag it to the current canvas.
  • Easy content extract: A selection tool and an extract button were added to the Pin mode in order to easily extract a piece of PDF and images.
  • New pin mode: enhanced user experience to display and access edit/extract features with PDF documents, images, text, website, sticky notes.
  • Cosmetic: Text stickers background modification in order to offer a better look and feel.
  • Edit Universe Icon: you can now easily edit the Universe Icon, as well as choose a random one or remove the icon. The remove button restores the default universe icon, and the random button picks a random emoji.

Bug fixes

  • Inception sticker (link to another Universe in your current Universe) was not displayed properly right after creation or when positioned in a card.
  • Zooming on the border of an item was moving it, instead of just zooming it.

Kosmik 1.5.3

A few bugs were reported by our lovely beta users, so this update focuses on bug fixes quality of life improvements.

New features

  • A confirmation modal was added when deleting a universe in order to prevent deleting it by mistake.
  • Several minor wording improvements.
  • A button was added to enable users to show/hide password when setting it.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug when using the trackpad to zoom objects, it is no longer moving them.
  • Card and post-it background colors are wasn't always properly saved.
  • Text formatting in post-it is wasn't always saved.
  • Extracting text from the web, a pdf or a file was creating a text sticker with a highlight color.
  • Fixed a bug displaying wrong borders on placeholders when dropping an element.
  • When extracting text from a web sticker or a file, text size and font weren't properly extracted.
  • You can now move or resize an item when it is still in the creation process.
  • Fixed a regression when moving objects on iPad, the preview of several remained blocked on the canvas.

Kosmik 1.5.2

Quality-of-life improvements, containers, and dialog boxes.

New features

  • Now you can personalize your universe icons with emojis.
  • The look and feel of dialog boxes was updated.

Bug fixes

  • Issues when dragging out text from stickers.
  • Duplicated stickers were not saved.
  • Sync issue: missing item when creating stickers on two devices at the same time.
  • Text overlap when renaming a zone title.
  • Issue with keyboard shortcuts and iPad Magic Keyboard when trying the delete touch, @ ) ! - + V H and also navigate with arrows.
  • Scroll issue in the Terms of Services modal.
  • Issue when dropping objects from desktop or Finder into a Kosmik zone.
  • Issue when dropping .pages/.keynote/.numbers files in Kosmik.
  • Importing placeholder wasn't displayed on some items.
  • Right-click in a PDF, zooming inside it will trigger the right-click context menu each time you finish zooming.

Kosmik 1.5.1

We made some optimizations of UI and UX, including a "start universe", which shows you a quick guide of Kosmik and a few example items, and a redesign of the side dock and sidebar. Plus, now there's finally an option to reset your password (you can always keep it private if you prefer, but please don't lose it!).

New features

  • Option to reset password available now.
  • Major user interface enhancement to improve user experience.
  • Easy item creation through a brand new menu: card, photo, file, web page, text, post-it
  • Start universe was added, with tips and a few example items for easier onboarding.
  • Side dock menu added to offer a quick access to items' actions.

Kosmik 1.5

New features

  • New Sidebar: sidebar redesign to make it more user friendly and interactive. Sections were added to sort Universes by type: subscribed, public, private.

Bug Fixes

  • New universe button in the side panel is back on the iPad.
  • Text is now normalized when dragged and dropped from web or file/pdf.
  • Moving a text by its border doesn't make it disappear anymore.
  • Double-clicking now offers you a proper text edit mode and doesn't select all text.
  • File extension supported properly.