Getting started with Kosmik

Kosmik is (almost) as simple to use as paper, but we built in powerful features, so that you can do much more. Here's how to get the most of it.

First steps

Learn the basics of Kosmik: how to navigate the canvas, add items and browse the web.

Moving around the canvas

Zoom in or out, pinch with two fingers, press + / - on your keyboard or on the buttons on the bottom right of your canvas, or press ⌘ and scroll with your mouse.

To move around, slide two fingers or press space and click with your mouse and drag.

To focus on the whole canvas, press the button on the bottom right of the canvas or press ! To focus on an object, select it and then press @

To move objects, select them and drag them. Note: websites have to be dragged from the title.

Creating and editing universes

We call each infinite canvas a "universe", and we advise to use one per project.

To create a new universe, open the side panel (⌘1) and click on "New Universe" or just press ⌘N.

To edit a universe, click on its name at the top of the canvas. You can change its name, description, background colour, and publish it (more on that later).

To link universes (inception), drag them from the side panel.

Importing items

To import items, you can either press the + sign on the top right, drag them into the canvas from a folder, or use a shortcut:

Create text: press T
Create Web sticker: W
Create post it (sticky): S
Open photo picker: P
Open file picker: F
Create card: C

→  The maximum file size is 25 MB
→  File types supported : pdf, MS Word (.doc, .docx), MS PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx), MS Excel (.xls, .xlsx), Pages (.pages), Numbers (.numbers), Keynote (.key), Photoshop (.psd), Illustrator (.ai)
→  Picture types supported : .png, .jpeg, .tiff, .heic, .gif

Pin mode

Use pin mode to focus on one item while navigating the canvas. To pin an item, select it and press the pin button on the right of the canvas, then edit the size if needed.

A new way to browse the web

You can search anything, keep multiple websites open side by side, and extract text and images.

Read and use PDF files

You can browse your PDF files right from the canvas, extract text and images, or even a page or two!

To extract text, just highlight it. For an image, click on the selection button at the top left, select what you want to extract and click extract.

To select multiple pages, open the thumbnail panel, press ⇧ to select two or more pages, then drag them out.

Key features

How to create and use universes and keep organized in Kosmik.

Draw and annotate

Use your Apple Pencil to draw on the canvas, annotate objects and create a visual structure for your ideas.

Connect items

To connect two items, select one and drag from one of the purple lines on its side until you touch the second item.

If you drag a connector to the empty canvas, a new text object will be created.

Click on the connector to edit its type, size or colour. Drag from the centre to curve it.

Live copy

When you live copy an item, Kosmik creates another item that is exactly identical. If you edit one of them, both will change, even if they are located on different universes.

To live copy, select an item and press ⌘L, or use the ⌘ menu on the right of the canvas.

If you just want to duplicate an item so that the new one isn't linked, press ⌘D.

Sharing your work

Kosmik is a great place to work by yourself, but if you want to share your content with friends or colleagues, you can easily do so, even if they don't have Kosmik!

Publish and share.

Every Kosmik canvas can be published. When you publish your universe we create a read-only version of it where people can look at your work and re-use.

To publish, click on the universe menu and then on Publish. Once it's publish, a new icon will appear on top, which you can use to copy the public link, or unpublish the universe.


Here's a list of all the shortcuts you can use... to navigate as fast as you can type.

Full list of shortcuts

Universe shortcuts
Open side panel
⌘ 1
Open universe menu
⌘ 2
Focus on current item
Defocus universe
Zoom to 100%
Zoom in/out
cmd + scroll
Decrease zoom
Increase zoom
Move universe offset
space and grab
Go to next sticker
Select all stickers
⌘ A
Add/remove sticker to current selection
⇧ and click sticker
Sticker shortcuts
⌘ D
⌥ drag
Live copy
⌘ L
⌥ ⇧ drag
Vertical flip
⇧ V
Horizontal flip
⇧ H
Select multiple pages
⇧ click thumbnail
PDF shortcuts
Object creation shortcuts
Create text
Create Web sticker
Create post it (sticky)
Open photo picker
Open file picker
Create card
Create any sticker (on web)
/ and type

And everything else

The added flavour that makes Kosmik special

Encrypted, even for us

Your data is always secure.
Kosmik stores everything locally in a secured folder encrypted end-to-end. Data stays encrypted even when you use two devices, only your password can decrypt it.

Use everywhere

Mac, App and the web.
Kosmik is available as a native app for the Mac and the iPad. You can also use it directly from your browser here.
Minimum OS versions supported: MacOS 12 Monterey and iPad OS 15

Offline first

Work anywhere easily.
Even in the era of 5G networks, it's common to be in a place without network access. Kosmik was made to be used offline. When you do, we keep a log of all your updates and edits locally and push it to your other devices when you go back online. Enjoy!


Device-to-device, private to private.
With Kosmik we try to minimise server usage and footprint, that’s why your devices are directly connected to each other through the network.