A home for all your projects

Create moodboards, plan trips, save your favourite memories and inspiration, and take notes for what you're learning!


Search the web for inspiration, and extract photos that inspire you in seconds.

Add anything

Everything you care about  can fit in your Kosmik, whether it's moodboards, research or planning.


Share your favourite moodboards, plans and projects with friends and family.

Your home for inspiration and creativity.

Home dashboard

Your start page, where you can keep your email, links to your most important projets and anything that matters to you.

Daily page

A place for quotes that inspire you, journaling, readings, and your morning or evening routine.

Goal planning

Brainstorm and plan your personal and professional goals with Kosmik.


Take notes from all your readings, write comments and reviews, and save your to-read list.


Create beautiful moodboards for your new apartment, fashion inspiration, or anything you want!

Birthday plan

Plan your next party, create cool invitations and share outfit inspirations with your friends!

Holiday plan

Create and itinerary, research the best spots and restaurants, save photos, and share it with your friends.

Holiday scrapbook

Create a scrapbook with the best memories from your trip: photos, videos anecdotes, then share it with your friends.

Online class

Take an online class, watch lectures right on Kosmik, take notes and add PDFs.

Personal learning

Learn about any topic you're interested in: browse the web, take notes, and add PDFs or written annotations.