Kosmik for students

Keep all your notes in one place, browse the web to find anything you need and work and publish your essays!


Take notes, browse the web directly on the canvas and capture any information you need.


Move around and connect text, images, and other items to come up with better insights.


Share your work in progress, collaborate with classmates, or share an essay with your teachers.

Capture, connect, and learn.


A place to keep everything together: your timetable, email, important documents, and links to all your other universes.

Class notes

Take notes during your classes, draw sketches, and keep your syllabus and, readings and assignments in one place.

Online class

Watch lectures right on Kosmik, take notes, add PDFs, and research and extract information.


Research and write your essays (and other homework) straight on Kosmik. Then publish to share with your classmates or teacher.


Create presentations that stand out, with images, text, and even videos!