Meet the team

Kosmik is built by a small team of 14 and we are based in Paris. We love computers, tools for thought and good food.

Paul Rony

Co-founder & CEO

I'm a philosophy graduate with a passion for computer history. I founded Kosmik because I want to change how people think and interact with computers.

Ana Seco Diaz


I love coming up with innovative ideas to help startups grow. I've lived and worked in multiple countries and now I am making Paris my home. On my Kosmik you can find inspiration boards about growth tactics, trip plans and book reviews.

Jonathan Bibas


I like creating resilient infrastructure to distribute cool software that changes people's lives, I also like independent rogue-like games and of course Bioshock! On my Kosmik you'll find my love for cinema and video games with a mix of thoughts and art.

Naoufel Berrada

PWA Developer

Chief Meme Officer @ Kosmik. I am passionate about computer science, the arts and good jokes. Strong believer that programming is an art.

Ben Girard

PWA Developer

As a software developer at Kosmik, I love working with people and extracting the best from each profile in a team. I also love to travel to get to know different cultures.

Benjamin de Surmont

QA Specialist

I'm a philosophy graduate specialized in logic, language and mathematics. I'm also very passionate about postpunk and electronic music.

Eugenie Jacques


Product is a great challenge, especially when the ambition is to change the way we think and create using software. My experience in product management naturally led me to Kosmik, to offer the ultimate tool for thought, share food for thought and obviously good food :)

Nicolas Heude

PWA Developer

I love computer science and particularly computer development. It is a fabulous tool that allows us to build innovative solutions. As a student, it's a great opportunity for me to contribute to Kosmik. On my Kosmik, you can have a look at my beautiful home village in the Alps.

Edmond Coulot


I’m a former lawyer and now work as a COO at Kosmik, working on financials, funding, legal, HR, and on growth and marketing when I can help. I also try to keep the plants alive at the office. When I’m not working I’m into good food, good wines, and gravel bike. I’m also fond of sustainability topics.

Baptiste Lego

Swift Developer

Naturally curious, I became interested in development in college and started to build my own projects. Today, I am passionate about music and the desire to discover the world. I'm going on the roads of Europe in a van, maybe I'll have the opportunity to meet you on the road?

Sebastien Vidal

Swift Developer

Dietician-Nutritionist reconverted in computer scientist. After working in supply chain optimisation, in search of meaning and an innovative + sustainable approach to data storage, I joined Kosmik in 2022. Passionate about sports, I live in Rennes, but hang out in Paris too!

Christophe Van Deputte

Co-Founder and CTO

After more than 10 years in R&D at Apple, being the CTO of several start-ups and scale-ups, and prototyping a peer-to-peer streaming protocol, I joined Kosmik from the start. I'm always on the lookout for new technological challenges and ideas. One thing I love as much as tech is music!

Jeremy Thiriez

Swift Developer

Lead developer swift at Kosmik, I like to look for solutions to things that seem technically impossible. I'm passionate about guitar, that's why I use Kosmik as a learning board on which I have several tablatures/sheets linked to song videos.

Quentin Fournier

PWA Developer

As a proud member of the PWA team since the beginning of 2022, I am happy to imagine new ideas everyday to make Kosmik more beautiful and wonderful to use. In addition to computer science I am also passionate about dance and music.