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Get inspired. Find insights.
Create more.


A canvas as unique as you are. Import all kinds of media, cut, mix, and remix.


Have fun and create anywhere, even offline! Native on Mac and iPad, and a web app.


Your data is yours, always. Fully dezentralized and encrypted on device.

Stay in your flow

Think freely, from ideation to production.

Get inspired for your next project

Collect all your notes, images, videos, and PDFs in one place. Browse the web, research and save anything that inspires you.

Get started ā†’ Create moodboards, brainstorm ideas or research for an article or paper.

Connect your thoughts and discover insights

Organise and connect your thoughts visually. See information in different contexts, and rediscover your creative spark āœØ

Get started ā†’ build a mind-map, or organise your research.

Create and share your best work

Present your ideas in unique ways and make them shine! Then share them with your friends or clients or publish them for the world to see.

Get started ā†’ create gorgeous presentations, prepare a client brief, draft and share an article.

Team up anytime, anywhere.

Collaborate with your team, from workshop to delivery. Integrate your tools, use kosmivision to chat. Remote work made easy šŸ˜Œ

Coming soon

Write, draw, browse, and create.

Get inspired by the examples below.




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Our manifesto

We used to dream about computers.

We created computers to expand the possibilities of human minds. To create a better world, a more fun, creative, and fair world, where people could collaborate and advance human intelligence.

And computers have helped us build great things. They helped advance science and healthcare, they allow people to collaborate from across the world, they entertain us and help us become more productive. But for all the dreams we had for them, they have been a disappointment.

Where has the dream gone?

To companies that sell your data for profit, that intrude on your privacy? To applications that are hard and unintuitive to use? Information that is siloed, unretrievable?

We get it, computers are no longer inspiring. They are useful, sometimes fun, but mostly, they are a place where you waste precious time, where your ideas go to die. They are hardly anything that moves you anymore.

We think it's time for a change. Time to reignite the dream. And we hope you will join us.