Frequently Asked Questions

How do I read a PDF on Kosmik?

Reading a PDF is easy! After dragging and dropping your PDF file onto your canvas, select your file and click on the 3 dots […] and select “Open in side panel.” Alternatively you can also press the "space" key to open your PDF in the side panel that will open on the left side of your screen. You will also have additional menu items on this panel:

  • Thumbnails to show your the page view of your PDF

  • Table of contents for you to see the table of contents of your file (if your PDF has one).

  • Lasso and extract for you to select portions of the PDF and keep them as pictures on the canvas.

To capture part of a PDF:

  1. Click on the Capture button in the toolbar.

  2. Click and drag over the zone you want to capture.

  3. Click on Extract.

To select text in a PDF:

Kosmik makes it super easy to to create a new text card on the canvas and take notes as you move along your file. You can extract entire selections from the file and drop them directly into your canvas as reference points as well.

💡Please know that at this time elements cannot interact with the PDF file when it is open in the side panel. This means that you cannot insert sticky notes or text cards into the PDF while it is open. At this time, you cannot make annotations directly onto a PDF file when it is open on the side panel also.